Living the DREAM

Petter og Johan RX

Petter and Johan have a dream. It’s a dream they’ve followed for a long time. But now the time has come to live that dream.

Solberg and Kristoffersson. Norway and Sweden. Spydeberg and Arvika.
There’s nothing new in an alliance between Norway and Sweden (or Sweden and Norway). In fact, such coalition is woven into the fabric of these two great nations with the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway (or Norway and Sweden).

This year Petter and Johan will revive the spirit of that union in the 2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship. Together they will present a united Nordic front. Together the names Solberg and Kristoffersson will rank alongside global Nordic powerhouses like IKEA and Statoil. Or, if the written word’s more your thing, Astrid Lindgren and Henrik Ibsen. Prefer a tune or two? Then for you, Edvard Grieg and ABBA, (obviously).

Petter and Johan share more than an age-old Viking ancestry, they share a common attitude, desire and background. Actually; they both currently live in the same municipality (Arvika)! Put short, these guys are cut from the same cloth.

Without the incredible support of their parents, neither would be in a position to be taking on the world in a Volkswagen Polo GTI RX Supercar this season.

“It’s true,” said Petter. “If you look back at the way I was raised, it’s so very similar to Johan. Both of our parents raced and they both gave us everything so we could succeed. This kind of shared upbringing really helps Johan and I understand each other and it will help drive us forward this year.

“We both came to this table with empty hands.” Since then, both have had their hands on some serious silverware, with Solberg sensationally lifting three FIA World Championship titles while Kristoffersson took a World RX silver last year after his most competitive campaign to date.

The third side to what’s actually a triangular alliance is Volkswagen Motorsport. And it’s an alliance Johan joins with great confidence.

“The chance to work with Petter, Petter’s team and Volkswagen is an incredible opportunity,” said Kristoffersson. “Since I came to the championship back in 2014, I have known Petter and we have tremendous respect for each other and for what we have achieved. Now we look to the future and the chance to write the next chapter together.”